For Metro Television it’s very pleasant to announce the recent news that Dalia de las Hadas start at LA 5 (Italy) on June 11 of this present year. Working together with the creator of this incredible serie Ana Mirabile and Metro Television take Dalia to Italy, aired Monday to Friday at 1:40 p.m. on LA 5 channel of the MEDIASET television network.

The journalist, writer and author Anna Mirabile has created a musical of 20 episodes of 30 minutes for a very young audience that deals together with love, friendship and triumph through music. The teen series was shot between Rome and Buenos Aires with an international cast such as Miriam Planas (Dalia), Ian Lucas, Tiziano Colabucci, Nicolas Maiques, Sol Moreno, Florencia Ortiz, Paula Brasca, Juan Guilera, Aida Flix, Lis Moreno, Giselle Zoryez , Reyson Grumelli.

The story also revolves around the figure of Hadma (Paula Brasca), a beautiful fairy who hides under the human identity of a writer and expert in fairies. Hadma has a plan for all those who will be his future tenants and only his friend Florencio (Juan Guilera) knows. We can anticipate that Dalia will be one of the first occupants of the apartment, giving life to a story full of love, music and magic (without forgetting the “evil” element that will contrast). Dalia, played by Miriam Planas, has a dream to fulfill: to be a singer. Along with an international cast will be the protagonist of a story that highlights how important it is to dream and dare to face adversity.

For us it is very gratifying to see how our content adapts to each type of channel and seeks to ensure success with the audience, not only because of the way Dalia is created but because of the quality and originality of the history she will be able to make the viewers fall in love almost instantaneously.