In this occasion it’s an honor for Metro Tv to possess the series created by the audiovisual laboratory ZINCOTOOLS, which his passion consists of creating useful instruments for children where they can be able and understand which is their purpose in life. Likewise we think together with them that the animation and the digital content are powerful artistic expressions that can transform lives.

Across Road To Volvennia, Mono Racer and Tika Boom, this laboratory seeks to come to different infantile hearings but with the same intention … to educate by means of the entertainment.

On the one hand, Road To Volvennia is a series transmedia focused on boys between 8 and 12 years, which counts the history of Ed, a talented boy of a small people that comes to a great metropolis, where it will be recognized by his great talent and by his great sense of justice. Road To Volvennia is a serie where the boys will learn of beginning and tools to find his intentions. Likewise we find Mono Racer, a Monkey that has been a prisoner of a circus and removed from his dream of turning in ” the driver No 1 of race of the Formula ZIT “, but on having looked for his freedom meets wonderful persons who were helping him to turn it what he always wanted to be. And Tika Boom, a serie directed to the smallest and it counts a history where in the depths of the universe there is a wonderful place of amusement called TIKALAND and the creatures on this planet have a particularity: they are born, feed and grow with the music.

Possessing these three series which are in search of co-production, Metro Television  bets on the original and educational contents, where the education to the children goes beyond and proposes them new tools for the search of his dreams and to understand his intention in the life, of equal way to form the values as the friendship, the respect and the tolerance in his day after day.