Souvenir and Bola e trapo soon on colombian screens!

Movies Souvenir and Bola e trapo come to the programming of Señal Colombia and promise to be a great success in the Colombian screens because the issues that these two talk about automatically caught any spectator.

In Souvenir, when the routine of Alexander looks bigger than their own dreams, do you know a girl back packer that I love and you will think of her and find her in every woman he meets.

In Bola e trapo it is true that all the players, regardless of the t-shirt that defend and dragged by the idiosyncrasies of the region, they’ll live a number of situations that will lead them to understand that the differences are settled in front of a ball and rag and that, finally, we are all equal.

Metro Tv feels very proud to be able to know that authentic and fun content can be viewed by Colombians in this new year that started.