Series and Animations for Kids

Teen serie 20 x 30′ HD

Hadma is a writer and scholar of the Fairies. She owns some buildings in Via dei Giardini where she raises her small fairies.  She has decided to rent the homes and has a secret plan for her future tenants. Only Florencio, her confidant, knows what and why. Dalia, our young protagonist, is the first one to experience the transformation when she becomes a pop star. Dalia is different from other girls because she is the daughter of a fairy, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Everyone will feels confused at the start but then they’ll be transformed into authors of the path of goodness which will make them find their destiny throw music and metamorphosis.


Animated series 25 x 3′ Learning will now be fun with Dr. Binocs as he takes you through a variety of interesting topics like Shadow, Magnetism, Solar Eclipse, Photosynthesis and many more subjects that will surely help you understand them more easily.

Animated 3D series 52 x 11 Status: Looking for Co Production This transmedia serie is aimed for children between 8 and 12 years old, which tells the story of Ed a talented kid from a small town which arrives to a large metrópolis. There he will be known not only for his immense talent but for his great sense of justice. Ed and his family will embark on a thrilling journey full of adventures and teachings, where friendship, fellow- ship and music are the ingredients of this memorable serie. In each episode Ed will meet musicians and will feel how they get inspired and teach about their life. Road To Volvennia is a serie where the kids will learn principles and tools to find their purposes. Road to Volvennia TEASER from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Animated 3D series Status: Looking for Co Production MONO has found the way to escape out of the gruesome circus called FLEA-KU, disguised as Shepard dog. In that place he was a prisoner of the evil MR. KU, who longs to consummate his evil plans to take over the city of CANVILLE and develop his lurid experiments, for that reason he decided to keep MONO away from his dream… “To become the No. 1 race driver of the Formula ZIT “. In his quest for freedom, MONO reaches “PUPPY SPA”, a canine beauty salon with a special home delivery service in wonderful truck vans. MONO must keep wearing his costume just to be hired as a delivery assistant in truck No. 8. His fellow driver, CACAU a crazy parrot who believes that he is the missing pet of BARBARROSA the pirate, and JACK a 19 year old guy who doesn’t pronounce a word, who is very EMO. Those 2 are the only ones who know MONO´s true identity.

Animated 3D series Status: Looking for Co Production In the depths of the universe there is a wonderful and fun place called TIKALAND, creatures on this planet have a particularity: they are born, they feed and grow with music. Besides, their cities are specially designed; each one represents an element of music; RHYTHM VILLE, MELODY HILLS, HARMONY CITY and TIMBRE TOWN. In TIKALAND inhabit the TIKABOOMS, a very funny creatures that in each episode must solve a common situation by musical tools. When a TIKABOOM enters a musical city, he begins to experience a great transformation; appearance expands or shortens, the parts of his body change, his whole being begins to take the form of a related object element of the city.

Animated Series 26X1′ HD FIGURATE means of the utilization of geometric figures in movement, recognizable images begin to be formed, on the screen. Squared to that they fall circles of the sky and there turn wayfarers of giant head, or princes, or maidens. It is a universe of two dimensions in which the reality flows and can change anytime. FIGURATE TRAILER-HD from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Animated Series 26X7′ HD This is a animated serie that show the benefits of yoga for children. The protagonists are eight cows of different races doing different yoga positions that children can replicate at home. The instructor of yoga exercises is a guru, naughty and curious, flexible and hieratic cat, like any good yogi master. Omm Moo Yoga for Kids Trailer from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Animated Series 26X11′ HD ECO is a bear that walks along the world observing the contemporary life, the excesses that we commit the human beings, the hurt that the over-excited consumption does him to the diverse systems that support the life in the land. This series proposes the children and adults, to adopt a harmonious and proactive way of life with the environment. Teaser ECO SOS-HD from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Animated series 13 x 22 The characters of Pequeños Dinos were ordered to travel through the world of dinosaurs. Their misión is to save the dinosaurs, to protect the land from evil forces and Aliens. Filmed with new technology of 2D and 3D animated effects.

Animated Film Available Spanish and English VersionTUGGER is the inspiring tale of a Jeep® 4×4, who, after being injured while serving his country during World War II, has his engine fan replaced by a real airplane propeller. From that day on, TUGGER is convinced that his destiny is to one day fly like a real airplane. After being sold as war surplus, Tugger spends his time towing airplanes at a local airfield, where he’s always in trouble with the Tower Chief and his crazy dog, Max. TUGGER also shares the airport with his friends who will hel him to conquer his dream.

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