1 x 90′ HD

For Those About to Rock is a documentary that features the story of Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero, two Mexicans who decided to take the risk to pursue their dreams to live from what they loved the most: music. The combination of their adventurous spirits, a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, took them from performing at anonymous hotels and restaurants in Ixtapa, in their native Mexico, to -just a few years afterwards-, playing their acoustic guitars on the stages of the most important venues and festivals around the world. For Those About to Rock narrates their amazing and inspiring journey, which teaches its viewers that is possible to live one’s wildest dreams.

Awards and Festivals

• Official Selection Hola Mexico Festival 2015

• Oficial Selection Sheffield Doc fest 2015

• Official Selection SXSW Film Festival 2014

• World Premiere SXSW Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Cork Film festival 2014

• Official Selection Mill Valley Film Festival 2014

• Ambulante Documentary Film Festival

• Official Selection Los Cabos Film Festival 2014

For Those About to Rock – Trailer from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

La casa del ritmo

La casa del ritmo afiche documental película, Amigos Invisibles / La casa del ritmo docufilm poster Amigos Invisibles

Director: Javier Andrade

2012 / Docufilm

La Casa del ritmo, the first docufilm of musical approach of Javier Andrade, held and documents the career of the band Amigos Invisibles, the same as the musician David Byrne, in one of his many contributions to the rescue of the popular and memory music, helped to give international break. This docufilm introduces each band members, who talk about their participation in it and document their presentations with passion to their fans in Latin America and the world.

Awards and Festivals

• Official Selection International Film Festival Miami 2012

• Official Selection BAFICI 2012

• Official Selection EDOC 2012

• Official Selection International Film Festival Orchid 2012

• Official Selection AFI Latin American Film Festival.



1 x 90′ HD

Bolivia encloses a sea of salt, heart of the Pachamama called Salar de Uyuni, which possesses the reservation of the biggest lithium of the world, at the time that it protects from the beams his UV. To eve of the energetic change the entire planet will share his future and his destination.

Awards and Festivals

• Women in film and televisión, Atlanta.

• Honorable Mention Kashmir Moving Images Festival. India

• Honorable mention in 5º Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara, Colombia.

• Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival. Lahore Pakistan.

• RapidLion – The South African International Film Festival. Sud Africa.

• XI Ecozine 2016 Zaragoza, España.

• The ModconLondon Film Festival. Inglaterra

• International Mérida y Yucatán Film Festival, México.


1 x 48

In the passing of a night on the Malecon Habanero, the contradictory emotions of Cuba, which give a face and a feeling to a circunstance that illustrates a polítical scenario. FIDELIDAD shows the turist part of Cuba, the everyday Cuba and Cuba in the silence, that which can not be mentioned, but is perceived in this documental. Anonymous faces, lost dreams and a voice that is afraid to speak of freedom … FIDELIDAD, A journey through the Cuba of the Cubans.

HDV 2008
1 x 83′

A team of mexicans filmmakers decide to cross the world in search of one of the last nomadic, capable of guiding caravans across a sea of sand and to lead to finding the most ancient cave paintings of the world between other marvels. But when they arrived, they met people that has been expelled from their country, a war that because does not have media attention, does not exist. Traditions, experiences and history that vanishes in the exile. It is a history full of magic and feeling, wrapped in the wonderful landscapes of the great Sahara desert, in North Africa. This team manages to cross the liberated territories disregarding 10 million mines, high temperatures and scarce food to testify the spirit of great people, their culture, tragedy and their similarities with us.


1 X 90′

This story teaches us that innocence can lead to errors that are paid with years of exile from society. Twelve brave women whose love, deception, ignorance and fear, could not avoid their sentence, talk about their lives. They show us how is their life inside, their motivation to keep going, how they adapt to survive the terrors they live as women, how fragile freedom can be, and how hard it is to continue with their lives once they are once again set free to live outside.