Drama – Season 1


“Al Hayba”, an area located on the borders between Syria and Lebanon, Jabal (a strong-willed young man) and his clan, Sheikh El Jabal, control the arms trade and smuggling across the borders.

Jabal and his family lead a modern lifestyle, yet he still relies on the traditional customs of the clan to resolve conflicts and assert his authority. The family receives the news of the death of their son Adel, who fled to France more than 15 years ago because of a vendetta. They had not heard from him for the past 10 years, and there he now returns as a lifeless corpse, accompanied by his wife and only son, whom he named after his brother Jabal.

Alia, Adel’s widow, did not know much about her husband’s family, but her fate totally changes when she meets the family who insists on keeping the child in the city of her ancestors. To stay with him, her only possible option will be to marry Jabal, until her son is old enough to decide to leave, break free, and free her at the same time. Since there is no authority in this country, Alia would engage in a dangerous effort declaring war with the other clans to get her son back, especially in a closed area like the one under Jabal’s authority. But what seemed like an impossible love at first turned out to be passionate at the end, due to incidents that bring them closer together.

Stories of love in difficult circumstances, a conflict of influence and broken wills will begin the story of Alia and Jabal.


Drama / 30 x 1 TV HOUR


Director: Samer Al Barkawi

In the complicated fabric of human relationships, there are those realities that present a delusive, picture-perfect ‘mirage’ of happiness. They are lived in all cultures and all societies, and have resulted in broken homes damaged beyond repair, and a sad reminder of how marriage can be ruined by the mistake of one or both partners. “What If…” has gone as far as adultery.


• Best Drama series awards- SatFest in Cairo- Egypt on January 2015.

• The series “What If” was ranked #1 most viewed series in Lebanon and in the GCC the series was ranked among the top 3 most viewed series as well.strong>

What if Trailer from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Drama, action 2015

30 x 1 TV HOUR

Director: Ahmed Shaquif

Filmed between Lebanon, Egypt and Cyprus, it deals with the universal theme that any parent fears will happen, the disappearance of a child and what this entails.

After the mysterious disappearance of her only son, Yassine’s days and nights have turned horrible in every possible way. A sense drama and fatherhood, loss and rescue, which is carefully woven to uncover the unsettling mysteries built around an inscrutable case of a lost child and the personal ties of his parents, who never imagined were involved.

Awards: Winner for Best Action Series – Best Production – Best Director and Best Actor, at the Cairo Television Festival, Egypt 2015. Recognition of 2 well-known non-profit social organizations in Egypt for dealing with issues such as trafficking of children’s organs for the first time.

Drama / 2015

30 x 1 TV HOUR

Director: Samer Al Barkawi

It was once said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace,” that we have evolved to what we are with the wealth of nature, not with the wealth of money. Yet, our modern society seems to know not about love or about nature; it has become a materialistic culture where the dominant value is money, and money, the dominant value for power.


• Best Drama series and best actress- Cairo International TV Festival.

• Cello has collected a tremendous success across major broadcasters, aired as primetime and was among top 3 most rated Arabic TV series

Cello Eps 01-SPANISH from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Drama / 2015

65 x 1 TV HOUR

Director: Claudia Marshalian

They are said to be nomadic, tribes roaming about from place to place aimlessly. They live in tents and houses of tin, on the periphery of society, sidelined, and downgraded. Settled on a small piece of a remote land in Lebanon, the children of their camp contracted a deadly virus, and a mission from Doctors Without Borders was sent to the camp to examine the cases. But in the midst of chaos, Tamer, a handsome and good-natured young doctor, found himself unexpectedly struck by an indescribable beauty: Samra, a woman of extraordinary splendor, astonishingly pretty with exquisite simplicity, a gypsy-like dancer who turned death and poverty and fear and pain into a mystical dance, a magical moment of shadows and lights.

Samra Trailer from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Drama / 2014

30 x 1 TV HOUR

From the depth of a passionate romantic, emerges a contemporary detective/romantic drama. The story is about a man and a woman who meet, fell in love and educate one another a lesson about passion and life; a lesson that proves how love is capable of revealing the essence of a person who was, till then, submerged in life’s extremes.

Police mini-series / 2015

13 x 26 First season

Director: Martín Desalvo

A psychopath, leader of the sect “The Sons of Saturn”, has Daniel Parodi, former policeman and expert criminologist, on his sight. The psychopath ordered to murder his daughter and attacks his dearest ones just to weaken him. It is a perverse cat and mouse game in which the psychopath corners, tortures and releases his victim just to keep on playing. Parodi, together with his team, will try to protect his own people, to discover who his secret enemy is and the reason why he is the one being chased. To do so, he will have to puzzle out the literary clues that the psychopath spreads crime by crime, chapter by chapter.


Web Comedy Serie

1 Season – 5×11′

Minga wants to be an independent and modern girl but the world plays against her: it lives in a department paid by his parents and is starting boring of his virtual boyfriend Jack. It crosses a period of monotony and boredom until there is shocked – literally in the supermarket – by Sandals, the analogical hardened one that he does not look like the ideal wooer either. Minga offers us his acid, fresh, feminine look and something awkward. It tells the history of a with love and amusement in times of millennials.

MINGA Cap 04 from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Music and interviews series
9 seasons

Because there’s nothing better that watch a good band session live, Alejandro Franco takes to the confort of your home the best international groups in exclusive. Enjoy your favorites artists making what they do best: playing music.



Lifestyle serie

Neelam Bajwa, born in Punjabi and raised in Birmhingham, gets a heady mix of Indian spices and the British accent to Curries and Stories. As she cooks her delicious favorite recipes for us, she tells us humorous stories.

Lifestyle serie
Season 1: 13 x 11′ HD / Season 2: 25 x 7′ HD
Foodlog has Chef Nick taking us on a culinary journey across the globe! These recipes will make you dust your apron and get your hands a little dirty, because who doesn’t like to show off their cooking skills.

Travel mini series
5 x 50 Temporada 1

A doumentary serie where Mikel Martin travels through the world, enjoying adventures, knowing cultures and practices activities of the region

Travel series
150 x 30 Full HD
150 x 30 Standard / HDV

This serie explores different natural scenery and regions of Colombia and the world, in order to practice and to know the tourism and the extreme sport adventures that are practiced in each place, through exciting expeditions with the tourism operators in each zone.