Director: Mario Duarte


Dino Gonzales is a fifty-year-old rocker who lives and survives in the popular Bogota neighborhood of Chapinero. He lives with his guitar and with dreams of playing, making music and being known by people. He survives with his scissors and his nail polish since he dedicates to do hairdressing and pedicure. The friends of Dino make up a kind of chorus in this story because they support him in his adventures and at the same time they are part of the landscape of chapinero where they participate in his businesses – legal and illegal – and all types of parties and even family life that are given in a sillvestre way in this Bogota corredor.

Trailer Pelucas y Rokanrol from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.


2014 / Comedy, Sports

Director: Guillermo Iván

Barranquilla is ready to receive the players from the international teams that will play the Bola e Trapo championship. La Nutria, the captain from the local team, knows that this is the perfect opportunity to gain recognition, get his grandmother from poverty, and conquer Laurita, the most beautiful of the cheerleaders. However, Bam Bam, the Mexican captain, a playboy and womanizer, who
invest all his savings to travel to Colombia for the championship, has other plans for Laurita, and is willing to face La Nutria in and out of the field.
The truth is, that all the football players, independently the shirt they have, will live a serie of situations which will lead them to understand that the differences are resolved in front of a Bola e Trapo, and that we are all the same.

2014 / Romance

Director: Andres Cuevas


Emilio (Alejandro Estrada) is a flea market vendor who works every day to pursue his goals. However the routine seems to be greater than his own dreams.
Thats when he meet a back packer girl, Isabella, who will share some hours with him, making a special moment of them, this makes him fell in love and will make him turn around time and love.

2012 / Drama

Director: Gonzalo Mejia

EL GRAN SADINI, it’s about the life of a teenager at the end of the 60’s in Medellin, which knows about hypnosis, has problems in school and in his home when he is expelled from the school, because of this he runs near the sea so he wont be punished. There he will meet the magician Racso, who will convert him in the youngest hypnotist of the world.

2014 / Comedia

Director: Derby Arboleda


Amelia, a grownup women, social comunicator, and happily single, fronts the question, if she wants to be mom. When she discovers that the answer is afirmative and that her biological watch is running, she decides to find the father of her baby. In this search, supported by her friends, will pass by different methods, until she arrives to a inesperated encounter.

2006 / Drama – Thriller

Director: Pedro Lange

The elements of melodrama, the absurd tragedy and suspense, finds each other in this trilogy to draw the psicologic violence. ‘Visits’ just not recreate the common places of violence in Latin America, but also,it situate us in the dark alleys of violence. These are three stories of violence searching for balance.

Post Producción / Drama

Director: Ivan Zuluaga

A film about unbreakable love of a women for a man that war took, and how she fronts with her family the violence, the church’s power, drugs, in an allegory of Colombia nowadays. Based in real life stories, it shows an emergent country that fights for the resolution of its endemic problems.

Post Producción / Drama

2013 / Film Video Danza

Director: Diana Salcedo

A magic mountain where eternity and the ephemeral consume the lives of four travelers who visit it. On their journey, they will look for possible projections in time and space: the body on the other side of the mirror, the one from yesterday, the one from twenty years ago, the one that fall into oblivion, the sick body, the morbit, the exultant, the pacific.
This Screen Dance Film has participated in Bogotá Audiovisual Market, International Screendance Festival, Video Danza y Semana de la danza, year 2013.

Transparente – Trailer (Español) from Diana Salcedo on Vimeo.

2005/ Ficción

Director: Bob Decout

Aurora a woman who wants to be powerful, has a romance with a french politician; to consolidate their relationship, they decided to adopt a colombian baby.
Rodolphe, Aurora’s assistant, goes to Colombia to find the baby and also looking for Alvarez Toledo, the future Nobel of litelature. During his mission, Rodolphe finds many obstacles, between others, Pepa Uribe, who seduces him easily to achive other purposes. However Rodolphe finds Acnes, the love of his life, a woman who let him discover the bad things that are doing with him his employers and friends.

2011 / Comedy

Director: Rafa Parbus


Flipy is an awkward teenager, at the age of 12, an experiment transforms his body turning him into an adult. His new look will cheer him up to conquer the woman of which he has always been inlove ‘Violeta’ (Marta Belmomte) his teacher.
His bestfriend ‘Jeremias’ (Carlos Areces) will join Flipy in a summer camp in which Violeta is involved and were they meet ‘Lorenzo’. The three boys will unmask Mr ‘Carcajon’ (Pablo Carbonell) who has a terrible secret.
The three of them will live amazing adventures and will fight against the evils solving huge planet mysteries.

2016 / Drama

Director: Guido Jácome

From the director Guido Jácome, this movie talks about Camilo Andrade and the return to his house after several years of having moved away from his family seeking to triumph in life. The drink and the bad decisions, reduced his dreams and illusions and now they have him at the edge of the death. Camilo returns to ask for pardon for those he didn’t return a call, which he promised that he was going to return but never do it. He come back to his home to say goodbye, to ask for pardon and to do the things well before diying.


2009 / Comedy Fairy Tale

Director: Miloslav  Mídmajer

A happy fairytale full of pitfalls, mistaken identities, friendly characters, original motifs and plenty of opportunities for humor.
Princess Annette refuses to get married at any cost, especially to the clumsy Prince Jerome from the neighboring kingdom. But King Bedrich insists on the marriage. In order to avoid the consequences of breaking the treaty, good King Leopold thinks up an ingenious ruse. He has no idea that his plan will provoke the fury of Lucifer himself, ruler of Hell and his temperamental fiancé Muribana.


2013 / Romantic comedy

Director: Miloslav Smídmajera

The story of Peter Kovar, who decided to return to his student years to meet his first and only love, a young girl named El. This original comedy about love is spiced up with unexpected, hilarious travails.

Peter Kovar is a teacher with a sense of humor who decides to return to his junior year in prep school

to find his lost love. But he doesn’t realize that he’s returning to June 1989, and tries in vain to remember the Cyrillic alphabet and other textbook knowledge. He strives after the love of El by the light of the moon, but then must return to reality and finds out, that he can no longer carry on without El’s love.

2008 / Comedy
Director: Du an Klein

A Poetic comedy directed by Dusan Klein from a small Moravian village, where the men dream of glory and women dream of love.
Distinctive characters, a kind view of their dreams, worries and transgressions, which none of us can avoid, and an original plot. This is the prepossessing setting of a comedy that will take us to Zvestov, a picturesque Moravian village, where the men like to commemorate a great battle of three emperors (Austerlitz) and play at soldiers under the command of the major in the role of Napoleon himself. They do it with such enthusiasm that they almost cause
a tragedy and turn the romantic wedding of Tomas and a beautiful French girl, Claire into bloodshed. In the end, everything is resolved with common sense and humour, but mostly with ordinary happiness and love, which will drown out all the sabrerattling and is more powerful than dreams about fame.

Post Producción / Drama

2006 / Comedy

Director: Marie Polednáková

A comedy full of good intentions or who would want to stay alone?
Life is wonderful when you are 19 and an adventurous journey on far away islands is on the horizon. When daddy – a mountain rescue team member – decides at the last moment to go with his little daughter’s class to the mountains as a nurse… When grandpa from the country decides to take a computer course, but, more than the lessons, he is interested in the charming lady professor.
Unfortunately there are also human beings, whose feet are planted firmly on the ground, and they start to complicate the plans of our three men.

International film festivals: Montreal, Cairo, Karlovy Vary, Zlin and others

2004 / Dramedy

Director: Du an Klein

After the death of Stepan Safranek’s mother he must decide how to carry on with his life. He works as a paramedic, his relationship with his girlfriend Ute had turned gray and on top of that, his friend Kendy, who is just getting divorced, moves in with him. Then Stepan meets a friendly girl named Annicka and his relationship with Ute comes to a definitive end. Then, thanks to a misunderstanding, even Annicka disappears from his life. Things are not even going well with his attempt at saving the local hospital, where he is becoming the director. So he returns to the meaningful work in an ambulance, thanks to which, he finally finds the path to his new love.

2009 / Dramedy

Director: Pablo Palazon

One day Jonas Bargueno, a professor of a regular driving school, decides to drive from Madrid to Avila in reverse. His intention is make a documentary while he pursue a Guiness Record. If he get it, he think he would take back the love and attention of his ex-girlfriend Maria. At the same time, Maria will have a swinger time with Leo his lover.


• Best Fiction Film and Audience Award at Festival Int de Cine diogital de Chile 2007.

• “ALMA” a best original script 2007.

• Best Movie Festival Europeo “Vinos de Castilla La
Mancha” 2007

• Best Actor– Jesus Noguero – Festival Int, de Cine de Comedia de Peniscola

2012 / Docufilm

Director: Javier Andrade

La Casa del ritmo, the first docufilm of musical approach of Javier Andrade, held and documents the career of the band Amigos Invisibles, the same as the musician David Byrne, in one of his many contributions to the rescue of the popular and memory music, helped to give international break. This docufilm introduces each band members, who talk about their participation in it and document their presentations with passion to their fans in Latin America and the world.



• Official Selection International Film Festival Miami 2012

• Official Selection BAFICI 2012

• Official Selection EDOC 2012

• Official Selection International Film Festival Orchid 2012

• Official Selection AFI Latin American Film Festival.

2009 / Drama, Romance

Director: Beda Docampo Feijoo


Enrique (Eduard Fernandez) is a famous psychiatrist, and Julia (Irene Visedo) a young curator from the Prado Museum. Julia believes that both of them are characteres from a painting of the XVII century and that they have been in love from centuries. Enrique, who believes she is mentally ill will try to cure her.

Amores Locos Trailer from METRO TELEVISION on Vimeo.

1991 / Fiction

Director: Federico García Hurtado

A young peruvian man arrives as a tourist at the town of the Callejon de Huaylas, the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. His intention is to climb the snowy Allpamayo, considered the most beautiful mountain in the world. The community is shocked by the violence, both of terrorism and its repressive aftermath. The locals blame the disappearances of people to a mythical character called the Pishtaco that, ac- cording to tradition, is a white man that removes the human fat of their victims to market it around the world. The climber faces many ups and downs on suspicion aroused in the local mythology to be the murderer, because of the color of their skin. After being pursued the truth is discovered and the young man finds love and learns to respect the culture and lifestyles that prevail in the Andes.

2002 / Sci Fi
Director: Federico García Hurtado

El Forastero is an alien who comes to earth in search of a habitable world for its highly developed civilization has caused the collapse of their planet. He lands at a small town of Cusco, on the eve of the celebration of the patronal feast. The strange traveler has taken the human form wich causes to the locals to see him as a tourist, of the many who come to the party.
In his contact with the locals, promoted by an Indian shaman, he rescues his loss knowladge of the human condition and the feelings and contradictions of the specie. El Forastero becomes very near to the rustic with whom he has been contacted and that, despite its deficiencies, are full of life and humanity. When he addresses some personal problems, the ‘Gringuito’ as they call it, returns to his ship to return to his plan- et, while the locals look out for him in the mountains.